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Marcelo Ballon d'Or ? (English)

Dernière mise à jour : 31 mars 2023

Vidéo on Marcelo abilities:

Does the Real's left wing deserve the Ballon d'Or? It may seem an absurd question to you but when you see the level of the player and his involvement in each match for so many seasons, it seems logical to me.

This player has it all. Endurance, speed, extraordinary technique, intelligence, creativity, awesome dribbling, unique ball control, amazing stats, and of course he defends, and very well most of the time.

It is the only one I have seen in a professional match, blocking the ball directly under his foot when receiving a long cross. Extraordinary and magnificent!

He has the ability and the style of play to be number 10, or attacking midfielder (for the youngest ;-), in any team in the world, including his own, Real Madrid. Just look at his statistics for the last few years in terms of number of goals and assists to be convinced.

I don't hesitate to say that he was as important as Cristiano Ronaldo, and that, without Marcelo, the Real would never have won the 3 consecutive Champions Leagues ...

So does a player as complete as he is deserve

the Ballon d'Or ? Perhaps it is time to reward a player who does absolutely everything, instead of rewarding players who only attack, even if they do it very well ;-)...

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